Saturday, February 2, 2013

Attempted Comments from Morgan & Jay

The clutch of highly psychopathic in King's Mountain decided it was, again, time to share their illiterate blatherings. She and or Jay attempted to post this. Can you imagine a normal person telling their mother to kill herself? Of course not, no normal person would do so.

1. "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "A Poetical Interlude in the continuing Campaign Ag...":



2.  "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "Exhibit 5 - Substitute Stock Agreement - Green Hil...":


3.  "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "The Evil Twins, at it Again":

Do you think psychopathy is not inherited? Think again.
so you admit it! if Morgan is a psychopath she got it from you, just because you are a psychopath bitch from hell does not mean that Morgan inherited it. just had a long talk with the DA here, warrents will issue for you. we will see you behind bars very soon. that is a promise." 

4.  "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "About Us":

your a liar and this is evidence of slander. Your claims can be absolutely refuted and you own words will suffocate your psychpathy along with your pethetic existance."

It should be noted Morgan's life is entirely absent any productive activities and this has been the case since she was a small child. She admitted to screwing Eddy van Halen while lying about attending college and being supported in the belief she was actually doing something productive.

During that time she claimed to be suffering from injuries sustained in an auto accident which made it impossible for her to work while regularly riding horseback, facts she carefully concealed from us. Far from assisting her family in any way she was a leech who viewed us only as a source of income.

Her entire life has been about lying to get what she wants while looking for opportunities to get more – without working.

She is also without talent in any discernible degree and was always pathologically jealous of any honor for accomplishment showed to my real children. Look at this photo of her on the occasion of my daughter Ayn's graduation from college.

Ayn had been admitted to three major colleges upon graduation from high school, these included Mt. Holyoke and Syracuse, but, chose to go to Hillsdale. During college, she interned with the local congressman for Hillsdale in Washington D. C., who had nothing but praise for her abilities.

Ayn worked summers, always finding her own job and using her money judiciously. She emerged from college a fluent German speaker and has pursued a career in public relations.

Naturally, Morgan resented her because Ayn was far more talented as an actress, literate, and diligent in her studies

Left - Right Dawn, Ayn, Arthur, and Morgan.  Morgan is, naturally, scowling, as she always did when it was not all about her.  She also dressed like a biker slut for the occasion, having no sense of what is appropriate.  

Morgan and her also highly psychopathic hubby, Jay (My only claim to fame is my dead Dad who I use shamelessly) Gell, was very active tonight, also posting the second comment, forgetting Jay's lie about having handled the IRS issue, which I discovered was a lie by calling the IRS to discover he had never contacted them.  No,  their only motive in obtaining my records was to use their for their own ends.  

They also extracted every cent possible from me during the time I was talking to them.  

However, the record on which she tried to comment was the Settlement Agreement which was reviewed by a forensic expert from the FBI, who I was reliably told, said the Agreement was unenforceable, making the whole a fraud.  

Jay is presently, I was informed, on disability and attempting to extract money from his previous employer.  Morgan told me even when Jay was employed they were on food stamps for the children.  Perhaps that has changed, now that she is headily employed at Walmart?  Inquiring minds want to know.  

But, of course, Morgan really married Jay for his looks, you know.  It was a marriage designed in heaven for their perfect fulfillment.  

The IRS is perfectly free to contact me at any time.  In fact, I would be delighted.  

 Jay E. (My only claim to fame is my dead Dad who I use shamelessly) Gell

 Note:  Jay's father was Jack E. Gell, who died at age 24 before having to deal with a son who, surely, would have shocked and disappointed him.  

From the cites site: "Sgt. Jack Gell was a loving husband, devoted father, and career soldier. His wife Rebecca, his daughters Bonnie and Carol, and his son, Jay, were forced to continue life without him. He gave his life for his country on Nov 14, 1965 in the Ia Drang Battle of Vietnam. According to his Captain and his dear friend, Tony Nadal, his dying words..
"Tell my wife I love her..." These words will honor and haunt at the same time. But Sgt. Gell was willing to make that sacrafice.

His body was the first to arrive to Ft Benning, on Thanksgiving Day, his wife notified by a telegram, left alone with three small kids. "Jay" was buried the day before his 25th birthday. His oldest daughter Bonnie turned 6 during all this, the pain was unbearable to his wife and family." 

According to Morgan and Jay there is another half sibling who was born about ten months after Jack died, the offspring of a quick encounter between Jay's mother and a truck driver, no one seemed to be able to put a name to the gentleman.  Of course, this story was provided by Jay and Morgan, so we must consider the source.  

Jay, as you can see in Comment listed here as 3,  finally stirred from his man-cave, we can only shudder to imagine what it looks like, with yet more threats of ominous acts in the offing.  Go ahead.  We eagerly await....last year Jay continually promised we would be served and any such offerings will be received with delight as  opportunities to demand a Hare Index for both he and Morgan.  They, after all, have two minor children.  No child should be raised by a psychopathically disordered individual.  

Children must be protected.   

4.  Barteaux- The Family Story   Jay Gell has always used threats and intimidation to shut up people who threatened him.  Now, the information on the Barteaux site is fully documented.  These include the death certificate for Morgan's biological father, who the family acknowledged by entirely striking him from all control of all assets, was monumentally incompetent and died of Cirrohosis of the Liver when he was 43.  

The family found it appropriate to have the body cremated and sprinkled over the local brewery.  Not many would do this, especially while also dispensing with any memorial what so ever.  But, as you review the site, you will see they had their reasons.  

My family had no psychopathic individuals until Morgan made her appearance.  

I have thought about what I would have done if I had known what she was.  What she cost my family, first to last is impossible to calculate.  

I strongly urge the local DA to engage in thorough research, please do.  My minister and counsel will both be happy to discuss this with him.