Jay E. Gell has harassed me, my son and done all in his power to destroy my health and make it impossible for me to make a living.  The avalanche of vitriol, bile, and ugliness which he routinely vomits defies description.

He and Morgan, my natural daughter, who I disowned for cause, have engaged in a train of deceptive behaviors designed to engage my trust, evidently so they could destroy me, I now believe for their own profit. 

In every instance both he and Morgan betrayed my trust, used me, and then, with evident pleasure, betrayed me.  After presenting himself as a qualified legal expert who could assist me in finally getting justice for monies withheld after my divorce from my former husband, Craig Franklin, he lied, extorted objects of value from me, and then refused to return my legal papers to me, having persuaded me to sign a Power of Attorney which I was unable to read because of my vision.  Gell wrote the POA with the clear intention to take advantage of my disabilities.  

In addition, he published to the Internet, in violation of the law, confidential medical records and fraudulent materials I had never previously seen.    

I was shocked, grieved, and bewildered by their behavior over the past years and very much regret having ever trusted either of them. 

Below are links to letter sent to me by Gell.  These are filled with slanders and libels which he has published to the Internet and conveyed to others verbally.  The language is unutterably coarse and vulgar.  The acts of which he accuses me are false, which can easily be proven.  These attacks began before I realized Morgan and he show strong tendencies of psychopathic behavior.

If you knew Morgan as a child and young adult you, doubtless, saw these tendencies. I failed to do so, thus putting my younger children at risk, something I deeply  regret.

For 14 years I have been sole caretaker for my eldest son, Arthur.  Arthur suffered to critical brain injuries and lost most of his vision, use of the left lower leg and other injuries which completely incapacitate him.   Until two years ago he was not on disability because from 2005 until 2010 I was unable to reliably get him to the agencies who could assist me in starting disability benefits.  Then, in 2009, the office of Senator Barbara Boxer reviewed the records and expedited the process, saving us from literally starving.

I am also disabled.  Having also reviewed my medical records the Senator's office suggested I also apply and several months later I started receiving disability benefits, which were later replaced by Social Security.  This, and the small amounts I earned by writing and loans from friends and family, were my only income for five years.

During this time I suffered a stroke, for which I received no medical care.  This took place in 2007.  While I recovered enough to drive I still suffer from partial use of my left side, a disability which is marked by tremors in my left hand and arm.  This, my vision, and a severely irregular heart beat, along with other issues were among the reasons I received disability. 

Caring for Arthur, alone and without assistance, increased my stress but was also provided me with a reason to live. 

Jay has never either spoken to Arthur or seen him.  Morgan had not seen Arthur since the first month of 2001 and has no relationship with him.  Neither of them know anyone who has a relationship with either of us.  Keep this in mind as you read the letters below. 


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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