I was introduced to Jay E. Gell over the phone while looking for colorful characters for my book GREED - The NeoConning of America.  

Since the character was to be fictionalized I did not do research on him at the time.  

His stories about himself, his problems, and his background now appear to be largely fiction.  

I had many conversations with Jay while I was writing GREED and kept notes each time.  Some of the more surprising things he said included his looking for a Russian Bride.  He sent me photos of the woman he was considering, Natalia.  I ran across them while writing the Second Edition of GREED - The Neoconning of America.   

Jay waxed eloquent on the positive points for marrying a woman from Russia who had low expectations for comfort. 

This was practical of him.  Jay had shared with me his living conditions.  He was then living in a trailer in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I was not sure even a Russian bride would find what he had to offer attractive.  But, hey, that was his business. 

He asked questions about Morgan but I did not imagine for a moment she would be interested in him.  Morgan's past interests shared one characteristic.  They had money.   

She had told me she had just restarted her relationship with Eddy van Halen.  Of course, this could have been a lie. 

His plans for himself and Natalia changed abruptly when Morgan agreed to stop in Charlotte to learn something about the law for the lawsuit we were filing Jay was helping with.  

Suddenly, Jay was Mr. Martha Stewart, replacing the tile in the bathroom and  buying a bed that looked like it has seen service in a bordello.  

 Bordello Bed

Bathroom, for those dainty moments a lady savors
The Bathroom

Jay's re-tiling job
Jackie's Room, Jay's daughter
 Clearly, little Jackie had too much stuff and needed to trim it down so it could fit in the space available.  

Morgan did not initially seem enchanted but soon this changed.  Personally, I think it was a marriage made in heaven.  They were so much alike under the skin in the amygdala.

Other aspects of Jay

It was Jay who introduced me to Robert Evan (Van) Hughes, III who turned out to be a scam artist, stalling and delaying any assistance to me on the problem of obtaining the stock owed from Green Hills Software, or restitution for the multiple wrongs done to me and my son, Arthur, from 1998 to present. 

Looking  back I realize it was all of one piece.  Jay's claim to fame was his respectable father, who died in one of the opening battles of Vietnam.  This is  Jack Gell.  Even this would not have provided much traction into the middle class unless Mel Gibson had not made a movie from the book, "We were soldiers once, and young." 

Gibson's movie, "We Were Soldiers,"  touched many for a generation who had come home to decades of pain and neglect.  

Hughes lied to me about being employed as a stock broker.  He has lost his license as a broker in Alabama and moved to Charlotte with is family.  His wife's family was well to do in Charlotte.  

The stories he told me about her proved later to be lies.  Beware of drama queens of both genders. 

Hughes defrauded a friend of mine,  Paul Schauble, of $30,000.  He defrauded Gina di Miranda of $10,000 and me of $5,000 when I was nearly starving.  

Ironically, Van, to continually was promising to pay me for writing he needed done, claimed he had been helping me during this time.  He did the same to Gina.  

He also defrauded my younger son, Justin.  That story is HERE 

As you read over the language Jay used, a barrage of filth, and the lies he put up about me with Morgan's total cooperation, you can see he is not emotionally normal.  

Later, as we researched him, we were stunned at the list of corporations which all appeared to be entirely bogus associated with him. 

But I am grateful to Jay because Morgan is now his problem.  


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