This site is one of several using real life stories to illustrate our approach for coping with the foundational problem of psychopathy and sociopathy.  These problems give rise to all of the other problems we face today with the systemic abuse of power in politics and corporations.  

The story of Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software, Inc., and Dan O'Dowd, its CEO, are illustrations of this problem as it arches over from the life of a family to corruption in the court system and into politics and corporate life.  

The list of sites below are different ways of presenting the material and also for providing additional informational resources and for fighting back.  



Fighting Back using the truth, documentation, and  transparency 

Craig Franklin - A highly intelligent psychopath who is a sexual predatory, his focus being on very young girls and women.  His wealth comes from work in the software industry.  His most recent job wass Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., for Advanced Products Development.  

Dan O'Dowd - Another highly intelligent psychopath whose addiction is money and power.  O'Dowd is CEO of Green Hills Software, Inc. 

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was diagnosed as a psychopath for the first time in 1984 by a professional in Australia.  His present wife, Laura, does not show signs of being a psychopath but is very strongly influenced by her husband in a way generally referred to as 'situational psychopathy.'  

Morgan, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux, was the daughter of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster by her first husband, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Barteaux was a psychopath and appears to have passed the trait on to all of his biological children.  

Richard Lee Barteaux died of chronic alcoholism when he was 43 years old.  His story is on the Barteaux site.  

Jay is the husband of Morgan Pillsbury Gell.  His background is not yet on the site, but this is coming.  He carries out emotionally debilitating attacks, probably on order, for the money.  


 A compilation of evidence is available at:  Just the Evidence 

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