Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Saturday Leon Smith, editor of the Lone Star Iconoclast, found himself in a rather odd phone conversation with Jay E. Gell. He let me know soon afterward and sent along his recollections on what had been said. 

Gell is the man who married my oldest daughter, having gotten her pregnant within hours, or days, of having made her acquaintance in 2004.  Morgan had been telling all and sundry she was infertile because of a botched abortion, suffered during her relationship with John Fund.  

If you are at all politically active you might remember my daughter, Morgan Pillsbury Gell, for reasons most prefer to forget. 

Morgan is the woman who recorded John Fund during a phone conversation, which resulted in an article by John Connolly, a writer and author of some note, titled, Sex, Lies, and the Tape.” She made the recording to prove to me she was not lying – this time. Morgan lied continuously, in the experience of her family.

As it turned out, that was only the opening scene in a scandal which continued to erupt across the Internet involving John and other NeoCon figures. If you managed not to know who John Fund is, congratulations. For reference, he is the Neocon political operative who was placed at the Wall Street Journal for many years. He claimed credit, (if that is the right word), for Project Arkansas, the death of Vince Foster, and managed to evade credit for the false domestic violence charge leveled via the Drudge Report, against Sidney Blumenthal.  He still does a column on their online site, but his career was somewhat truncated by the blatant hypocrisy which his relations with Morgan exposed. 

While this was known first in 1999 it became very public with the publication of the article from Connolly.
The original Ruthless People site was started as a way to defend Morgan, something I should clearly have thought more carefully about doing. But, being all too normal, my only thought when I realized she had, finally, told the truth about something was outrage against the cad who seduced and abandoned her.


 Jaye called Leon, as I said. Here is the relevant part of the note Leon sent me on their conversation.

Basically, from my notes, I was told that he (Gell) is a VP at Sassoon (something) Sassoon International and that he is concerned that in your campaign you are using copyrighted material on your campaign website that belongs to the Sassoon company. He said that he could find no evidence that you had registered and that you are collecting money and not reporting it.
He said he is an investigative paralegal and also does independent work for the department of justice.
He noted that you are being investigated by the FBI for campaign fraud and that he is pursuing your stealing copyrighted material and trying to use it to raise money."

And that was the note from Leon

Regarding the heinous charges: 

For four years I maintained a site for Sassoon. I paid for the URL,  providing both hosting and all the writing. Sassoon paid for nothing related to the site or for my work.  It was one of those charitable impulses on my part. Let no act of kindness go unpunished, as the saying goes. 

I had introduced Sassoon to Jay when I thought he was honest.  This assessment has since changed but this is now water under the bridge.   

I have no evidence Gell is a licensed paralegal, and certainly nothing he ever did for me would lead me to believe he was in any way competent in this regard. However, he was found guilty of practicing law without a license in 2002 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Case NO. COA01-826 - NORTH CAROLINA COURT OF APPEALS Filed: 16 July 2002.

The call to the DA in Cleveland County, office located in Shelby the county seat, was made last week.  

Today I called the Department of Justice and was told to send a query to Danielle Deraney, who can assist in ascertaining if Gell is employed by the DOJ,doing, "independent work for the department of justice."  The DA in Cleveland County, Richard L. Shaffer, where Gell lives, told me he had never heard of Gell, either as a paralegal or as a guardian ad litem, another claim Gell made.
Then I called the Federal Elections Commission and talked to Chris Jones, who handles the reporting for our campaign committee. It has probably slipped your notice that I am running for president.  Not a problem, this is a campaign of an entirely different kind.  See site.   

Chris went over the law and since the committee has raised no money we are not obligated to file any reports. We knew this months ago. I made the call to affirm nothing had changed and to ask if someone else had been raising money in my name.  Chris said we were only responsible if my authorized committee raised money.  The registered committee above is the only one I authorized.  Any other committee would have to report independently.  Also,  reports on non-reporting of funds were made to the FEC, not to the FBI generally.

Calling the FBI was easy.  But telling the story took me into the complications which reintroduced Jay and Morgan into my life after the shocking and ugly experience of being maligned and emotionally traumatized, yet again, last summer when I, politely, asked them to return my property.   This brought up the Duke of Manchester since they are in regular communication with him, evidenced by the CCs on Laura, Duchess of Manchester's barrage of emails to me. If you have not seen the material generated on Manchester you can find that HERE

The FBI agent, 'no name please,'  promised they would get back to me but vaguely affirmed what I had heard from Chris Jones at the FEC. 
Gell put up a libelous website about me which, none the less,  provides proof he stole papers entrusted to him under a Power of Attorney I have since withdrawn.  This, and discovering he had done nothing he promised to do, and even said he had done, was the trauma of last summer.   Gell has asserted, falsely, he handled a matter with the IRS on my behalf.  I called the IRS last summer and ascertained the following facts.  

1.  To act for someone else you must have a Power of Attorney which is registered with the IRS.  
2. The IRS makes a permanent record of any such POA.  After a diligent search by the IRS no such POA was found in my record, where it would have had to be for Gell's claims to be valid.  
3.Therefore, Gell lied to me and online. 
4. Gell's claims to have accomplished anything positive are all false.  
5. Therefore, and due to the wording he wrote into the POA, his intention from the outset was to defraud me.    
6. I'll be seeing my attorney next week.

I was told by Morgan Jay once sued his  mother over a truck.  I'm not sure if a dog, dead or otherwise,  was also involved.  Who knows  if the truck story is true.  You always have to remember the source.  


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