Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another illegal use of my accounts by Jay Gell.

------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jay E Gell <>
Date: Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 9:24 AM
Subject: Pay Pal invoice #1 of 5 note terms and conditions, you failed to remove you frauds and correct your slander, liable and lies. now it's on since you have cost me employment. have plenty of time for you now.
To:, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <>, The Blogger Team <>
Cc: Laura <>

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This site provides facts which can, and are documented. What you see above is an attempt at extortion. This use of my Pay Pal account has been reported by mail, as required, to Pay Pal, along with contact information for Gell and his co-conspirators.

If you take time to google the names of the parties above you will see they do nothing productive or positive online.

The last report I received on Gell's 'employment' from his wife, Morgan Pillsbury Gell, was this. “Jay is completely disabled and unable to see well enough to type.” The injuries supposedly took place at the machining company where he was employed. This is second hand information, of course. I have no direct knowledge and, given the proven lack of veracity exhibited by both Gells and the others involved, I could not swear this is true.

I was also told Gell was suing his former employer for damages, though these do not seem to have been severe enough to prevent him from attacking anyone who refuses to be intimidated by his vitriolic, scatological, and obscene language.

I've not wasted any time researching him, as of yet. Time for that if, or when, he actually does me the favor of filing a law suit, which will promptly result in a counter suit for provable damages.

I now believe Jay is working for Karl Rove. His assignment: Handle Morgan and keep her quiet. Was this a job Rove, Fund and others very much wanted done? Google the story. Hope that job paid well.

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