Sunday, May 6, 2012

Robert Evan (Van Hughes) Handler

I received this 'comment' on my blog this morning from Jay E. Gell. It is reproduced in toto.

I have the "silencer" from Van. You sent it to him Lisa gave it to me. IT is not a SLINECER at all and you were aware of THE FACT it was just a BROKEN pice of a BB gun. The image and email from van will be posted soon. This one I will enjoy taking apart and further exposing you as a liar and once again prove beyond a reasonable doubt there are no shred of professional Journalism in your stories. “

Van Hughes was the handler who was evidently assigned to me,introduced to me by Jaye E. Gell late in 2004. 

I signed a POA with Hughes to handle the GHS stock issue.. Hughes produced nothing over several years. During this period he demanded I work for him, producing copy and promotion materials for his business.   I was never paid.

He asked me to introduce him to my friends and then persuaded them to 'invest' in his bogus businesses. He ripped off my son, Justin. I also refinanced the cabin to invest in one of his companies.  I was never allowed to see any paperwork whatsoever. Van kept it all and then refused to give it to me when I became aware of his background, which included a long term relationship with corporate raiders, a judgment for fraud in a deal with a corporation, and the loss of his license in Alabama.These documents will be available in an additional post. 

 A group of his victims tried to get him prosecuted but, not surprisingly given his 'connections,' this did not work – then, I suspect today this can be more effectively handled.

Now, about the 'silencer.' I would not know a silencer if it bit me. I picked it up because I thought it would be useful for something.

But I now realize as my 'handler' one of Van's jobs was to ensure I stayed scared. I found a metal tube while on a walk with Arthur and took it home while I was living at the cabin. Van called soon after we arrived home and I mentioned the funny tube. He asked me to send him the image. I obliged. Van told me it was a silencer, terrorizing me and Arthur.

He then demanded I send it to him, though the image I got using my scanner was certainly enough for him to have expressed an opinion.

Van was very familiar with weapons. There is no chance this misrepresentation was anything but intentional on his part.

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