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Rewrite of Previous Response


Doing actual research, as opposed to mouthing unsupported and undocumented charges, takes time. I have gone to considerable trouble to provide and link in some documents which prove my statements.

As I have indicated here and elsewhere, I now believe Jay Gell is an agent who was assigned to Morgan to ensure information critical to a subset of individuals associated with the Bush Administration were not compromised. This exercise is absurd, but while documenting the other portions of the story I am providing documentation on these charges as well.

Morgan can not have an informed opinion on what happened before she was born and in those early years. She does not remember. I was there, as were my friends and relations, including my brother Stephen, who was living in the family home, and other friends were were often visiting.

In the case of a court action affidavits from individuals with direct knowledge will be available. I am now arranging for these as well.

It is fascinating to finally get some inkling of the preposterous stories Morgan tells about herself.

Morgan's Relationship with Jay Gell

Morgan told me she thought she was pregnant almost immediately. It had to be by mid October because she was complaining of morning sickness at least a week before my birthday on October 26th. Of course, she could have been lying to get out of carrying out the work she did for me. But she probably wouldn't have told me she was having morning sickness if she was not being sexually intimate, presumably, with Gell.

The issue of paternity was discussed between myself and Morgan because she had restarted, she told me, her relationship with Eddy van Halen a short time before driving down to North Carolina from New York. She had been staying at a place I rented for her in Sag Harbor owned by Arthur Prager while she was seeing Eddy. Morgan told me Eddy came to see her there and they resumed sexual relations. I also remember she told me she and Eddy went to Walmart together and he did something inappropriate, or funny, with the shopping cart.

While Eddy was certainly not someone I thought would make a good husband, given his publicly known habits, I actually began to hope Morgan would marry him.At least then someone else would be supporting her. 

I was then running out of money and could not afford to provide housing for her any longer. Morgan had arranged to drive down to Georgia to stay with friends there. She was to stop, briefly, and study the law with Gell. She never left. To say I was surprised is an understatement.

Morgan was then in her early 30s and her last two relationships had been with men who were both wealthy and powerful. She had very intentionally gone after Volokh, enlisting my reluctant help in so doing. Her relationship with Fund began only a month after Volokh ended their relationship.

Morgan and Jay have accused me of being a gold digger, certainly untrue. My first marriage ended with my getting nothing but a half payment for the birth of our child. The second marriage was to Ronald Kellett (AKA Foster), who had no pretensions of wealth whatsoever. He was a life time government employee working at the Veterans Administration. My third husband, Craig Franklin, had no assets when we married and his income was not much more than Foster's. This only changed after we married.

Having reviewed my notes, I see I was struck by the fact Gell reported to me he had impregnated a married woman while 17 years old. He said he was then living in Arizona and been ordered to leave the state when he demanded to be recognized as the father of the child. Gell later spent considerable energy, evidently, on the father's rights issue. I confirmed this independently.

I also note he told me, same notes, two of his friends had also had sex with the same woman. I made no note of names or dates as it was irrelevant. Also noted is Gell's comment he liked getting into fights in bars as a form of recreation. Morgan later mentioned the child from Gell's Arizona liaison to me but I have no notes on those conversations.

I asked her why, if she had to be involved with someone, it could not be Eddy, now finally single, and not Gell, who was living in a trailer park. I had interviewed Gell exhaustively while writing my book, GREED: The NeoConning of America, and could not imagine how the two of them could be compatible. It did not strike me as likely Morgan would get along with Jay's family, with whom he seemed to be close, from his reports to me. But Morgan was a woman of more than mature years and it was her choice.

An example of Morgan's behavior from when she was 13 or 14.

Let me give you an example which became legend in the family.

When Morgan was 13 or 14 she came to stay with me for several months, although my parents had adopted her. She had dropped out of school and did bring along the lessons and books which she was supposed to be using to advance her education. These got dusty. They were never opened. But during this period she decided she wanted her ears pierced.

Her campaign began with demands and begging I allow her to have this procedure. I was reluctant as I thought 13 was too young and also because in the era when I was growing up only lower class people had their ears pierced. But after many exhausting days of rather traumatic interactions I agreed.

That morning, it must have been a Saturday because all of the other kids were with us, we set out for the Northridge Mall. I treated all of us to breakfast at Don Ricardo's, where you could get an omelet for $1.99, all the chips you could eat included.

The Ear Piercing place was just down the way. I don't remember the name. Morgan sat down. I signed the papers. The studs were pressed through her ear lobes. Time to go home, right?

Not exactly.

Morgan fainted and needed to be carried to the car. It was good Dawn was there as I could not have accomplished this myself.

At home, Morgan went to bed, where she stayed for six weeks. I had to provide ice and turn the studs for her. According to the home instructions, the studs needed to be turned regularly. I had to turn them while Morgan laid on her bed in anguish. She would not allow them to be removed when the instructions said they should be. Finally, I demanded this be done. It was an emotionally shattering experience for everyone, and not one any of us were likely to forget.

With Morgan, it was all drama.

The other girls were very matter of fact about getting their ears pieced, though they each had to ask as I do not normally think about these things.

On to other clear lies Gell has evidently heard from Morgan.

Morgan's Early Life

I gave birth to Morgan. I was living at home because my parents demanded I do so as Richard, my estranged husband had been violent and threatened my life. They were warmly supportive and even considered having an addition put on the house to provide enough room for myself and my daughter.

Gell's statements regarding my early relationship with Morgan, birth to the time she was adopted by my parents, are bizarre.

There was no question of who Morgan's mother was. I changed all diapers until I went back to college in the autumn. I breast fed her through an infection in my breasts. Morgan slept with me and I held her continually. I went no place without her all summer.

I made the layette myself, though friends and family gave me the usual selection of fancy dresses, little shoes, and other items. The layette was produced from material I purchased, mostly flannel. I cut it using a pattern I had for years afterward, using it again with each subsequent child.

Morgan's baby clothes were kept and sent to her, along with her baby book, to her home in King's Mountain, North Carolina in 2010, I believe. At the time I also sent Sharky, the six foot stuffed animal I made when she was 8, as her Christmas present.

The color I chose for Morgan's baby clothes was light blue as a basic color scheme. These garments were made partly on the sewing machine and then finished by hand. I used silky ribbon for the ties at the neck and down the front.

Each garment had French seams, to ensure there were no unfinished edges which might come in contact with her skin. Each garment was embroidered, most of these with the initials CA. I could do this in advance because the name chosen for a girl was Carolyn Anne and for a boy, Charles Arthur.

The layette I provided for my daughter in this manner included 6 receiving blankets, 16 short tops, 10 longer gowns, four bibs, a hanging container for her cloth diapers, a 'going home' gown, which was white and inlaid with antique lace which I had kept from a previous project.

Morgan also wore a number of other fancy dresses, some tucked and smocked, I made for her during these early months. I continued to sew for her until she became an adult.

I also knitted three other blankets and a cold-weather sack, allowing her feet to be entirely enclosed.

I also made her several stuffed animals and other appropriate toys. Someone gifted me with a musical rotating dangle to hang over her crib. Oh. I also made the blankets for the crib and the sheets. The material for those were washed five times before I cut them. Three were hand finished, two were finished on the sewing machine. Mom and Dad bought a dresser with a changing table on top.

I paid for the birth entirely out of my own funds. Morgan was born July 5, 1967 at St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica.

Mother and Father paid not a cent for the hospital expenses and neither did my estranged husband, Richard Barteaux. I have never mentioned these matters before because it seemed entirely irrelevant.

This was money I earned, coming from the savings I had accumulated by ironing for my sister Carol, running my lemonade stand, and doing other small jobs from the time I was around five years old.

Through careful savings and diligent work I had accumulated around $700 by the time I was 13. When we went to Italy Dad put it in the bank for me in a separate account where it earned interest at a very slow rate.

I kept my savings in a tin box hidden in an empty area between two drawers in the dresser I had until I received my new one, a birthday present from my parents, when I was around 13.

I know the exact amount written because it is reflected in the Divorce Agreement, written and signed April 20, 1968 on page 3. The amount paid by the Barteauxs was $455. This accounted for half the cost of Morgan's birth. The bank account which my father had maintained for me was exhausted by the payment of this cost and prior costs for the layette and other costs related to the divorce, for which I also partially paid to the best of my recollection, this reflecting my verbal agreement with my father.

No one doubted the identity of Morgan's mother. Naturally, my mother cared for her when I was in school but the moment I came home Morgan was handed over to me exclusively.

Morgan was very colicky, not at all an easy baby. Her early care was neither easy of very much fun. She came down with a skin condition which caused her to peel when she was around 14 months old, I think. I was up with her all night for three days because she could not stop screaming. Mom was in her room with the door shut. I did it alone and understood it was my responsibility.

I took Morgan to Sunday School at the church where I attended, St. Bede's, located not far from our home in West Los Angeles. Morgan was baptized at the church. Her godparents were Ronald Kellett, who I later married, and Marion Replogle, a friend. Marion and I spent time together with Morgan during those years. I am still in touch with Marion.

As Morgan became older my mother found her more entertaining. It is regrettably true Mother used Morgan as an excuse not to travel with Father, something he had been planning for them. Mother had problems with depression as she got older and used prescription drugs to regulate her emotional state.

Mother and my sister, Carol used the same doctors for their prescriptions and popped pills like candy. Although both of them tried to get me to take pills while I was pregnant with Morgan, I refused. I had researched the issue and realized this could impact an unborn child.

The letter written by my sister, Anne Gripp regarding her thoughts on Mother's unhealthy obsession with Morgan, beginning when she was around three, is also in my possession.  

As soon as I was married to Ron Foster I arranged for him to adopt Morgan to protect her from the threat of contact with my former husband, her biological father, Richard Barteaux.  My mother and father cooperated with this even though they were by then living in Springville because both she and my father knew of the threats Barteaux had made to rape Morgan if he was ever alone with her. 

These are facts to which Gell himself possesses evidence to refute his own statements.  Two years ago I gave Morgan her baby book, which I kept for her in some detail.  It included her medical records and other details of our lives.  I was the only one to make entries in the book, took her to her medical appointments, if as my class schedule allowed, and arranged for her baptism at St. Bede's Church, where I attended for some years when she was around 18 months of age.

The baby book is evidence and will be subpoenaed.  

I allowed my parents to adopt her when she was 12 in 1979. The agreement was ratified by the court in Tulare in 1979. Since Morgan had been legally adopted by my husband, Ronald Kellett (AKA Foster) in 1972 Morgan's legal name was then Carolyn Anne Kellett. This is reflected on the legal papers.

My parents also signed an Agreement, kept in their safe deposit box, giving me custody of Morgan in the case anything happened to them. At the bottom of the short letter, signed and notarized May 24, 1979, is a handwritten note from my father which reads, “This is what we have in our safety deposit box, Love Dad,”

Our agreement was they would pay for her college, her wedding, her braces, other dental expenses, and so forth.

Dad backed out on this agreement after Mother died.

He also immediately stopped giving her the money Mother had insisted we receive when Morgan came to live with us, around $300 a month. I treated this as Morgan's allowance, handing the check over to her. No money from these payments was used for Morgan's expenses. After this money was not coming in I generally provided Morgan with funds directly, when she asked. Dad thought she should get a job.

Attributing emotions to other people is a slippery slope. I was never jealous of Morgan. I worried about her behavior but there was no reason for jealousy.

Craig and I paid for Morgan's medical, removal of her wisdom teeth, her braces, and other expenses. If necessary, I can request these records as I certainly remember the names of the attending dentists and physicians and I wrote the checks. Morgan went to the same orthodontist as did our other children.

Morgan was rarely at home after Dad bought her a first car, which was supposed to be used to go to college and to a job. Morgan could not be relied on for any baby-sitting and I was nearly always home, anyway. I drove the kids to their schools, came home, worked, and then picked them up in the afternoon.

I was active at the children's schools through this period and have friends from the various parents groups who would so testify. 

The other children were involved in school plays and outside activities in which I also assisted and participated. 

Craig and I got Morgan an apartment a year or so after she moved in with us because when she was around there was always chaos. After she had her own apartment Morgan was never at the house. I have no idea what she was doing since she could not have been spending all that time with van Halen and she was not attending college.

By her own report, Morgan became sexually active about a month after Mother died in September of 1987. She called me up with a report on the the terrible pain and damage which had been done to her. I made her an appointment with a gynecologist who found nothing the matter with her, as I remember. I drove her to the appointment.

Morgan was sexually promiscuous, by her own report. Normally, a mother would not be aware of these events but Morgan shared information about her sexual exploits from the time she began. Of course, she could have been lying.

Gell has no first hand knowledge of Morgan's early life. He should have asked. The 'had a a good man' comment made me snicker.

Sassoon Saleem Sassoon

I purchased the url getsassooned around four years ago. I used the url for the website I put up for Sassoon. He promised to pay me but never did. Payment for the url has come from my account on each renewal. I was never compensated.

Additionally, since I put up the website and paid for it I can attribute its production in any way I wish. If I want to say in the footer it was produced by the Pillsbury-Foster for President Campaign that is my right. I am producing it as an act of charity. And it was charity.

Sassoon is lying if he said he ever gave me a computer. I had possession of a computer he owned for a few months, which I paid to have fixed for him. I never used it myself. It was never even turned it on except while it was being fixed. If Sassoon wants to lie about this under oath he does so at some risk as I can document what I am saying through independent third parties.

Facts in evidence.

Camera – Sassoon sent me as a 'gift' a camera someone had left at his shop. Naturally, it had none of the necessary accessories to make it functional. Arthur used it for a while but we could not purchase the accessories so he could not download the images into his computer. He might still have it – but it also may be in California. Payment is something which is useful to the person receiving the compensation, for instance cash or a check for the money I was told I would receive. This was not a useful impulse on Sassoon's part, but very like him.

I did not ask Sassoon for a camera and did not need a camera. I wonder who the individual was who left it in Sassoon's shop and how they feel about him using it to 'pay' me?

Lap Top Computers (3) - I'm getting tired of the story of the three laptops. Here it is again.

Alex Montagu, using the FedEx account of Raye Smith, sent three non-functioning computers to Raye, having told her they needed only minor repairs. Raye spent around $500 trying to have them made functional, laying out money for labor and parts, only to be told they were trash. The computers were disposed of, never returned from the shop.

Montagu used to say the computers were worth $300. Nice they became so much more valuable today. Montagu would not afford to send the computers himself because he did not have the money. At this point he was borrowing money from Raye to eat and pay for his medications. (see FBI complaint)

Raye has many computers and work stations for RMN. Each has a different function.

Gell should be aware that filing false complaints is, itself, a criminal matter.

The diatribe below ignores all the relevant facts.

After signing the POA and sending the 10 boxes of papers to Gell and Morgan I waited to find out what Gell could tell me about how he would proceed. I never claimed to know what to do.

I put all legal matters in his hands even sending him a letter I wrote to the Water Company so he could approve it. Bad judgment on my part, as it turns out. But my PTSD had not then been treated. Reading legal papers is somewhat easier now.

Gell, through Morgan, to whom he turned over communicating with me, informed he had filed a law suit at the court house in Shelby, North Carolina. This was a matter of much excitement with Morgan describing the foul weather Jay had faced to get there before Christmas and his truly heroic efforts in writing the complaint. She asked it I had money to file and when I offered to file as a pauper, dropped the subject.

Updates came regularly through Morgan. Once, a truly monumental snow storm closed the court house. I later discovered this was not true. They had been open for business.

On several occasions I asked Morgan to send copies of the law suit Jay had written. She told me Jay did not want me to see it.

After the next supposed court date in March I called the court house to discover Gell had never filed a case at all. I have the emails I sent, asking what happened.

I'm assuming Gell knew Morgan was telling me this Perils of Pauline Serial over those months.

I never asked anyone to do anything illegal. I did not know what to do. Why else would I trust Jay Gell of the foul mouth?

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