Monday, December 10, 2012

Email exchange April 10, 2012 Raye - Jay

FW: notice of initiation of civil lawsuit for slander and other civil and criminal act of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and her cadre of "professionals".

Rayelan Allan
Apr 10

to me
On 4/10/12 1:11 PM, "Morgan Gell" <> wrote:

>I am Jay Gell,
>You are liable for Melinda's misuse and abuse of you various websites
>and services for slandering Morgan Gell.
>I will take you for everything I can get for your complacence of Melinda
>actions on your sites.
>Melinda is the real psychopath in this ordeal and you are enabling and
>facilitating her vicious attacks and slander.
>I will be filing civil complaints by the end of this week. I assure you
>you have picked the wrong dog to lay down with so do not complain about
>the fleas and ticks you get from her.
>Perhaps you should be asking yourself why is it that everyone Melinda
>decides is a psychopath is everyone she has alienated or they caught
>onto her problems? Is Melinda a "magnet" for psychopaths, or she a
>The correct answer is the latter. All of her problems are because of her
>own actions but she projects blame to everyone else. When you realize
>that she is robbing you blind and is now in a close quarter power grab
>of your assets and get rid of her you too will find that you are also
>suddenly a psychopath, the the world according to "themelinda".
>Melinda knew my response to her crap would not be tolerated and that I
>am fully capable of bringing successful civil actions against all who
>she has enlisted to "destroy" the reputation of my wife.
>I have court documents of Melinda's psychiatric problems and will be
>posting them to the web along with Morgan's statement from her
>psychiatrist who found that Morgan was not "borderline", a sociopath, or
>psychotic, in any way and further explains that Morgan's only problem
>was she had been the victim of the actions of a psychopathic mother.
>Once I present these documents to the court and secure an order stating
>Melinda's actions are illegal they will, with the order for injunction
>to shut down all sites Melinda has control of will be posted at an
>appropriate website.
>Jay E. Gell

Rayelan Allan
Apr 12

to me
The threat is at the bottom.


On 4/11/12 11:30 PM, "Morgan Gell" <> wrote:
>OK "Goddess"! (The queen of shit for brains.)
>Birds of a feather get sued together, you moronic stick F****!
>I can not sue you for being a psychopath moron like Melinda, but I have
>so much more than that to sue you for.
>See you in Fedreal Court soon.
>Jay Gell
I don't need to tell you, probably,  Raye never heard from him on any of these bogus charges and innuendos.  

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