Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jay's assaults on me

Response to Morgan and Jay's newest creative writing exercise

I did not post anything on the internet about either Morgan or Jay until it was clear they would never stop harassing me at work. Jay called my editor, Leon Smith, who made notes of the various slanders Jay told, informing me immediately. Jay ended up cursing him when he realized this was not going to work as he hoped.

Jay attempted to disrupt my working relationship with Raye Allen who owns Rumor Mill News, sending messages to her and comments to other members of the staff. Here are some of those comments.

Raye also responded, supporting me. Jay then began attacking her.

Morgan and Jay's English skills are still sunk in yellow journalism, accompanied by unsupported claims. They provide no proof I slandered or libeled them because it did not happen.

However, this time Morgan did manage to get my birth name right, so we must give credit for the beads of sweat this, doubtless, caused to form on her brow.

Jay's last 'book' about me was nine pages. I never read it because I had received enough of the content in emails and on my message machine.

Now, how about Morgan explaining just how I managed to blight her life. Get specific, quote contemporaneous sources and people who actually knew me who are not Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin, her adopted father and former (or is the current) lover?Actually, this is highly unlikely.  Morgan has aged out of Craig's sexual target range long since.  And since her tubes are tied and she had no female children she does not fit into his long range plans in this regard, Either.

About my first marriage.

This actually provides an interesting tutorial on Jay's style of 'research.'  Checking facts is not one of Jay's long suits.  If you ever encounter him trolling the internet offering to sell you services as a legal researcher or quasi-counsel remember these points.  

My birthday is October 26, 1948.  As it turned out, Richard's was February 25, 1950

We were introduced by a mutual friend.  Richard told me he was a senior at Black Fox Prep School and looked well over eighteen. He told me he was 17. I was 17 and a junior at Vence High School, Venice California, having returned from a year at Saint Stephen's Episcopal School in Rome, Italy. 

If I had know his real age I would not have gone to the Black Fox Prom with him and would not have invited him to my prom.  He asked me to marry him almost immediately, taking me down to a jewelry store to buy a rather expensive ring, which he allowed me to select.  Money was no object.  He also drove a brand new GTO.  

This was not quite my first date with a boy, I had gone to the Winter Dance at Venice High School with a class mate, and then on a second date with the young man - but he was completely tongue tied in my presence the entire evening and could not dance.  

This dating thing was very new to me because if someone could not talk about ideas, or at least listen while I talked, I simply avoided them thereafter.  I was, at the time, a reader of Ayn Rand and generally started conversations by demanding to know if the person had  'read her book.'  

Richard had not read Atlas Shrugged.  But he listened and nodded like he agreed with me.  It would be some years, long after Richard was history, before I realized this did not mean a guy agreed with me. 

If the relationship had lasted a couple of more weeks at this point I probably would have figured it out.  However, the moment school was out Richard and his parents adjourned to Hawaii.  They wanted to take me with them, offered both to me and my parents, but my parents declined.  So I was off to the cabin for the summer.  

When Richard returned, on September 1, he drove up to the cabin.  We eloped on the  5th, I think.  We were married on September 7th.  I was seventeen.  I thought he was, too.

This is not statutory rape or anything else except stupidity on my part. Additionally, his parents were delighted and as soon as we were engaged began giving us, especially me, copious amounts of presents and planning the wedding. I began having a difficult time storing these items, which include china and dishes in the pattern I selected, in my room at home.  This was before summer began.  Richard had taken me to meet his family the day after our first date.  They were effusively welcoming and generous, taking us out to dinner to a restaurant in Century City.  It was French, I don't remember the name.  

After we came back from Mississippi we stayed with them for two weeks. They rented us a nice apartment and furnished it with everything imaginable.  Richard was supposed to be working at Barco, but I later realized he very often did not show up, instead going to see a friend of his who supplied him with drugs.  I knew nothing about drugs. 

The Barteauxs gave a reception at their home after we returned, before we moved into the apartment at 3666 Cardiff Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.,  inviting over 300 people, all of whom came. I should have been more suspicious. They were looking for a keeper for him, not a daughter-in-law, I now realize.  

This is more detail than I have considered in many years.  After I left Richard, terrified for my life and barely pregnant. 

Married:  September 7, 1966 Starkville, Mississippi. Marriage Certificate 
Left Richard - January 11, 1967 
Born:  July 5, 1967 Carolyn Anne Barteaux
     April 20th - Divorce Agreement
     June 24th -  Divorce from Barteaux
Now, contrasting the facts, supported by these documents which provide timing tells you Jay invents 'facts' to suit his purposes, which is to malign me.  

I wanted nothing to do with the Barteauxs, never saw them, never contacted them, never asked them for anything.  It is Jay and Morgan who continually try to con and use people.  

 Dean and Betty Barteaux ended up raising Richard's next two children when his marriage to a girl 15 broke up after he began abusing her. Richard had little to do with raising these other two children, Richard, Jr., and Angel, and neither did their mother, according to Jillkster. However according to Jillkster both exhibit highly psychopathic tendencies.

Richard's second wife was not a virgin when they met, according to her previous fiance, who contacted me at one point. He said he had moved her into his family's home and she took the wedding rings he had purchased when she left. This is hearsay, but nothing much would surprise me. At the time, it just struck me as bizarre.

I do not believe Morgan never met Richard. She claimed to have at one point seen him at the business his family had once run – but by then he was already living in Cheyenne and had nothing to do with the business. Dean had learned his lesson, Richard was not trusted with money or responsibility. The Barteaux's had set up a trust which, after Dean's death, passed into the control of Richard, Jr., who Dean believed to be more normal than his father.

When Richard Senior died his family flew to Cheyenne, Wyoming to handle the funeral arrangements and decided not to have a ceremony. Richard the cremated and his ashes scattered over the beer plant. His father thought this was the most appropriate option available to them. I was astonished to hear this story. Jillkster was married to Richard Jr., at the time and had been a witness and also helped clean up the house so Angel, who was, shall we say, also a problem, could be moved in.

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