Monday, December 10, 2012


So, We Do Not Have Enough Problems Finding Jobs, or Safety Minded Employers

I reported numerous ongoing Forklift safety violations after a number of near miss, no actual injury accidents at AMERICAN METAL FABRICATORS in GASTONIA NC.

I had at least seven (7) potential employers enthusiastic about my resume and interview. Each one had sought me out from my resumes on Monster and CareerBuilder. The enthusiasm ended with the contacting of my then employer (Before they Laid Me off), and my now previous employer. Since and during the past month of seeking employment there has been an additional nine (9) similar situations were employment agencies are ready to place me right up and until they provide the contact information of AMF.

This is a serious problem in the form of retaliation (the termination) and ongoing punishment (retaliatory acts)for the responsible and lawful reporting of serious worker safety violations.

If this violation of law (NCGS 14-355) is serious enough for each occurrence to be a separate count we can assume that each being a misdemeanor, and three (3) misdemeanors equal to one (1) felony not less than five (5) felonies have been committed by this company or it's owner or employees.

As of this date no NC law enforcement agency is willing to accept responsibility for enforcement of this law. Each department wants to point at another then say you have to get a private attorney to sue them. These tax payer funded departments all fail to comprehend or understand that the criminal acts can not be prosecuted in, or by a civil action to effect some positive change.

I advised one head hunter that 1. blacklisting employees is a misdemeanor and, 2. that concealing a misdemeanor is a felony. The head hunter responded by drafting and notarizing an affidavit of the call confirming references and sending overnight to me.

I am writing a form letter to all those who have not employed me due to responses from American Metal Fabricators Inc. advising then to produce all notes, memos, communications, etc. or be faced with allegations of felony concealment of misdemeanor criminal activity.

I am one serious and motivated individual.

Jay E. Gell

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