Monday, December 10, 2012

Email to Morgan - Melinda

Morgan had told me a hearing was scheduled at the Shelby court for this day.  I waited to hear what had happened but she never called and did not respond to my email.  A frightening pattern was forming but I could not even consider what it meant. 

Please call me

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

to Morgan
The court must be closed now.  Mom

NOTE:  After lying to me for months about the heroic efforts Jay was making on my behalf I learned by calling the court he had never filed anything to help me.  The clerk of the court checked their county and all surrounding counties, finding nothing filed.  Morgan had claimed he drove through the snow before Christmas to file and then a series of excuses for delay were used over the next months.  Then the email above when she stopped answering the phone. 

The Power of Attorney I gave him was used ONLY to obtain papers which the two of them hoped to use in trade with Green Hills and Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin.  

They then tried to tell third parties they had not promised to help me with the Green Hills issue, only with my taxes.  Jay then claimed to have saved me money in unpaid taxes.  This was a provable lie.  To have done this he would have had to send the IRS the power of attorney, which would have been kept in permanent records by the IRS.  There was no record and no change in what I owed.  

He did, however, order me to file IRS complaints against others as part of what he said was his 'strategy.'  This was, in retrospect, done for no purpose but to case ill-will between me and people Craig was paying, most of these were women he was paying for sex and failing to report. 

You can't actually say Jay was practicing law without a license  - it was more like being first defrauded, conned, and then emotionally assaulted.  But I understand he did the same to his own mother, so this is probably his standard operating procedure.

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